Quit the Gym and Do This! The Fastest Growing Trend In Men’s Fitness (IT’S NOT CROSSFIT)

Bar-BrothersDidn't go to the gym? Congratulations! It's a waste of time and money. You train and go through agonizing workouts... waiting for the results that fitness "gurus" on the internet promised to happen... but then...

Nothing ever happens. You look into the mirror and wondered how this can be. No muscle gains. No signs of weight-loss. You still look the same. You got nowhere. It's painful, and very frustrating. But that's all about to change with a new movement in the fitness industry.

Break all the rules, and win the body of your dreams

His name was Dusan. And he was just an ordinary guy a few years ago. Testing different diets, workout guides, supplements, and rigorous training programs in the gym - praying that one would finally work. But of course, none of them delivered the results he wanted.

Frustrated with the fitness industry and the false claims made by gurus on the internet, Dusan decided to try something new. Something that would not involve dangerous chemical supplements, fitness shortcuts, or hyped-up quick-fix workouts. Something that would actually work...

And after countless weeks of searching, he found Lazar. Lazar was a bodyweight trainer who followed a training regimen that was similar to what our human ancestors did thousands of years ago. The training regimen of the ancient Romans. The fearless Spartans...

None of those ancient warriors used fancy weight machines or dumbbells. Neither did Lazar. None of them took "scientifically-proven" chemical supplementation. Neither did Lazar. Yet they were some of the strongest, most powerful men in human history. And so was Lazar. (Image of Lazar above)

How did Lazar do it? And more importantly, can we follow that same regimen to get similar results?

So Dusan took this up to the test. He decided to meet up with Lazar, and was determined to master this training of the powerful ancients. And he was glad he did. Here were his results:


Seeing how effective this new workout was, Dusan and Lazar privately began to train and coach hundreds of other people. And the results they've helped others get was just short of incredible.

Bar-Brothers Bar-Brothers Bar-Brothers

After great demand, Dusan and Lazar decided to open up their entire training regimen to the public - a 12-week step-by-step video training sequence designed to push you into the best shape of your life. He wants to free the men who feel stuck in doing ineffective gym routines, just as he did a few years ago.

Perhaps this is one of the most powerful bodyweight training regimens in human history - and the only equipment you need is your body and a pull-up bar.

As of today, Dusan and Lazar's training program is still in its pre-launch phase, and they're seeking for more people to become a part of this movement. If you're looking for the ultimate muscle building bodyweight regimen that is dedicated to getting you results you'd never thought possible - Dusan and Lazar wants you to join their training.

It's not just a training sequence, or a workout routine. It's a movement about beating the odds of your past, no matter how many times you've failed before. A movement about finally moving forward towards your goals, despite how impossible it may seem. A movement about getting the life-changing results that you know you can have - starting today.

They're here to teach you everything they know on getting the results you want. They'll pull you through hard times, and they'll help you get the healthy body and mind that you've always dreamed of... and they guarantee it.

The best time to start taking control of your life and make something of yourself is now.

The clock is ticking...



Bar Brothers

The Bar Brothers

Dusan and Lazar are the Bar Brothers. They're here to help you get the body you want, and make sure that you get the best possible results.

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  1. jim

    you can see these guys in dc. pretty cool stuff

  2. Gabe

    Really inspirational story.

  3. Brad

    will this make me shredded and lean? just wondering

  4. Katie

    Lazar looks so hot, lol

  5. Nick

    Legit! Pretty amazing what they're doing

  6. Anonymous

    can I buy their workout program without watching the video?

  7. John

    How hard is the training. It looks almost impossible to do for my level

  8. Tim

    yeah that's what I thought too before. But there's no gains without the struggle, right?

  9. Mike

    If a novice does their routine for a while, they'll probably get a brad pitt type physique (think fight club), maybe a little more muscled. But if thye want bodybuilding shape, they need heavy weights

  10. Anonymous

    cool story bruh

  11. Anonymous


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