4 Tips for Reducing Acne

get rid of acne!Although acne is often associated with teenagers and high school students, there are many adults who still have acne. In fact, there are millions.

In this article, we'll go over the best natural treatment methods for acne, as well as some popular products that can help clear out your face once and for all!

Let's start with an understanding of the cause of acne. Acne is produced by the secretion of oil that, over time, begins to the clog the pores of your skin. When skin pores get clogged, inflammation allows these "pimples" to form.

So in order to clear out acne, focus on either cleaning out the pores, or reducing the secretion of oil that comes from your body. Now that you understand, let's start with the natural treatments.

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1. Drink More Water

Water is incomparably the most practical treatment for acne and pimples. The pH of water is often said to be "neutral," but in reality, it is slightly alkaline (it is pH 7.3), and helps your body get rid of oil, wastes, and toxins on your skin. The recommended daily water consumption is 8 cups a day, but for people with acne, 10-12 cups is usually recommended by health professionals.

2. Reduce Diuretics

Try to reduce your intake of coffee, soda, tea, and alcohol as much as possible. The reason is that they are partial diuretics, making your body drive more water out of the cells of the skin. With understanding of the importance of water in relation to clear skin, reducing these beverages will indirectly allow your acne to clear up.

3. Avoid Astringents

If you want beautiful, acne-free skin, then you should strive to avoid any astringent agents that narrow your skin's pores. This includes some natural soaps, witch hazel, and things that contain alcohol as an ingredient. There are findings showing that when your skin pores contract in size, more oil will be clogged in the pores, creating more acne.

4. Keep a Healthy Diet

What you eat affects how much acne shows up on your skin. So always watch what you put into your body. Studies have shown that a diet high in fruits and vegetables (fiber), low glycemic, low grains, no dairy, and high in Omega-3 fats - may help reduce or eliminate acne development.

These are the natural ways of dealing with acne. But for many suffering adults - they're already doing all of the above, but still have acne all over their face. Here's when skin products may help.

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