How Do I Know if I Have an Anxiety Disorder?

get rid of anxiety!In life, everyone will face some level of anxiety from time to time; a little bit of stress is completely normal.

According to historical experts, there was an era in human history when humans were prey to a vast number of predators. When confronted with life-threatening situations, the human body would release natural "drugs" and "stimulants" that would deliver a burst of strength and energy. Anxiety is simply your body's process of adjusting to this "fight-or-flight" response.

Fortunately, in modern society, human beings are no longer prey to wild animals. But after thousands of years in the development of the human body, we still have this response under stress.

Many people will feel anxious when flying for the first time on a plane, proposing marriage, or even just speaking to a large audience. This is normal for most people.

However, people with anxiety disorders go much further than that. In addition to events like the ones previously mentioned, they also become anxious about situations that may never even happen and could not happen.

For instance, if they decide to go out for a stroll, they may agonize about getting hit by a truck, even if they're walking inside a park. Most people without anxiety disorder can't relate to that statement, but anyone who suffers from the condition can associate such a situation as reality.

The manifestations of anxiety disorders vary vastly, in range and in intensity. The most common symptoms are shortness of breath, heart throbbing, chronic fatigue, stomach pain, headaches, nausea, abnormal sweating, pain in the chest, and feeling jittery all the time. These signs are often indicators to other health problems, which makes anxiety disorders difficult to pinpoint. To illustrate, a person who feels pain in their chest might think they just had bad food or is suffering from heartburn, when in actuality it is an anxiety attack.

So how do we treat anxiety? The answer usually lies in therapy, medication, or both. Regardless of the method, understand that anxiety is a treatable condition.

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